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Initial Dive cleaning and inspection is discounted for all customers contracting scheduled cleanings. (!) Better service and less expensive rates.

Call Andru: (850)814-7251.

The amount of time required to properly clean your boat depends on size, last time cleaned and condition of paint. Considerably, more work is often completed during a vesselís initial dive to prepare your paint for a scheduled cleaning regiment. Our rates are considerably less for boat owners contracting scheduled cleanings: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

From this point forward, our rates vary depending on the size of your vessel, the condition of your bottom paint, and the cleaning schedule we arrange. Your boat will take us less time and less work to clean on future cleanings when scheduled monthly or every six weeks! Customers can choose to schedule their boat hull for cleaning every 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks. All boat cleanings with intervals greater than 2 months between cleanings will be charged an hourly rate. We are licensed and insured. Most importantly, we are fair. Rates are always negotiable.

Hull reports are provided to all customers after every cleaning or whenever any underwater work is performed.

  Contracted Cleaning Rates for Pre-paid Accounts

                     We negotiate a price based on our Contracted Vessel Service Rates By the foot. Zinc installation fees are waived. Contracted rates are based on vessel length, vessel type, and cleaning schedule. Discounts for your commitment, more scheduled cleanings, and good bottom paint are applied. We prefer not to contract vessels for cleaning schedules exceeding once every 2 months but will establish an agreement to do this when necessary. Written contacts are available when desired.